Bob Neville – Community Regeneration

Thank you for you most recent effort in supplying the voice for the audio version of my “journey” article.  

This is a crucial dimension of getting a message of hope to individuals who are searching for a pathway in life and the depth of care, sincerity and professionalism you presented therein is highly commendable.  

I guess I should not be too surprised at that, considering that our working relationship has spanned at least 35 years, going back to when you presented the National Television Commercials for UltraTune back then, as well as many others as I recall, not forgetting to mention the video presentation more recently provided for my own website and for other clients.  

Thanks again Peter – you are certainly the “mother” of all voices as far as I am concerned.

Rick Whittle – Presenter, ABC Wide Bay

I have known Peter personally for almost 20 years although I was aware of his media career for some years before.

Peter has always displayed the utmost professionalism to any task he has undertaken, whether using his media talents or business development skills.

During my time within the Job Network industry, Peter was only too willing to give his valuable time to meet and talk, particularly with our long-time unemployed, passing on various interview techniques that could help them secure that job.

Peter has been a regular contributor to my long-running Breakfast Program on ABC Wide Bay. He has been able to provide fantastic ‘on-air’ support to his various not-for-profit roles, clubs and charities and sporting groups on the program. His personable style, quick wit and sense of humour has always gone over well, and he has always been a welcome addition to the program.

Craig Winter – Managing Director, ArtXDesign

Artxdesign Marketing has contracted Peter Carey for many roles over the past few years including as the voice for our syndicated radio show ‘RV Life’, as MC for many of our public events and for several radio and television advertisements both local and national.

We have always found Peter to be the consummate professional, easy to work with, and with a keen sense of the most appropriate ‘read’ for each project. We know we can reply on Peter to deliver on time, and on brief.